• is a project of reconstructing and using of historic/archaeological boats
  • is a project of presentation and promotion of cultural/archaeological heritage, first-hand experience of old crafts and the way of living of our ancestors
  • and  also, it is about the experience of, and having fun at, building and sailing old vessels

Since 2016, the institute Skupina STIK (Arheofakt), Institute for Underwater Archaeology and institute Škrateljc with other participants, are leading a project of reconstructing old vessels. This long-term project is presenting and promoting cultural/archaeological heritage through construction and usage of historical vessels. Each year the team will attempt to construct a vessel from a certain historical period using tools and techniques which are high-scale copies of the ancient originals. With our own experience, we are introducing to the public the way of life in the past. Also, the public is encouraged to get involved in the project – everyone is welcome to help build the boats and attend the many workshops and events that will be held during this time. Finally, when the vessels are ready, we send them for their maiden voyage on the river, lake or the sea and so the past becomes part of the contemporary life …


This year’s challenge for the Navis team is to present the exceptional heritage of former inhabitants of Ljubljana moors, by reconstructing two prehistoric logboats, which were found in the famous pile-dwelling settlement of Stara gmajna. The mentioned site is widely known due to the discovery of the oldest wooden wheel with an axel (it is dated back to 5200 B.C.).

One of the goals for this year is also The International Logboat Regatta, which will take place on Ljubljanica River; the location is named Špica and is situated in the centre of our capital Ljubljana. The Regatta is one of the main promotional events of six Alpine states. Common ground is presented through the heritage of prehistoric pile dwellings, as they were enlisted on UNESCO’s list of world heritage in 2011. With this event, we are trying to bring awareness to mutual identity and presentation of technological development and the beginnings of civilizations, from which we descend.  The decision for organization of the Regatta was based on an invitation by Public Institute Krajinski park Ljubljansko Barje (the official representative for management of UNESCO’s pile dwelling settlements in Slovenia). In 2017 the Regata was held in France, where the Navis team won. Afterwards, we decided to bring the Regatta to Slovenia and through the project try to reconstruct two boats, which will be used for the race.

One of the mentioned boats is being processed with hand tools (proper reconstructions of stone and copper tools, discovered on different archaeological sites throughout Slovenia) and by the use of fire (burnout technique). For comparison, the other logboat will be built with the help of modern hand carpenter’s tools.

The reconstruction of the logboats has begun in early June; with aidance of numerous volunteers, donators and sponsors. Works are being followed by a continuous workshop, called Deblak je ŠPICA! Through the workshop, you can experience the built itself and also join us on sail on Ljubljanica River. After the logboats will be finished (with your help, of course), we will send them on their maiden voyage. The launch will happen on 1st of July when the International Logboat Regata is being held …