About the Projekt Navis

    • In 2016 we (Skupina STIK, Institute for Underwater Archeology and partners) have begun with the realization of the long-term project – the reconstruction of historic vessels. Each year a vessel that once sailed along the Ljubljanica River (central Slovenia) is reconstructed and presented to the public (schools, the professional public, the general public).
    • Since the beginning of the project students of archaeology and other volunteers constructed two Roman log boats under the guidance of experts. The building site was opened to the public and anyone was able to observe or participate as we encourage the visitors to join in and experience life in the past in an original way.
    • We use mostly reconstructed tools as our goal is not only to construct the logboat but also to understand, learn and use the techniques that were used in the construction of such vessels. Each construction is followed by the launching of the boat on the Ljubljanica River and promotional paddling with the intention to revive the use that was typical for such a vessel and also contribute to the revitalization of the former waterway.

Levels of the implementation:


In cooperation with the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, the University of Ljubljana we carried out the practical training for 3rd-year students.


In cooperation with the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, we presented the heritage of the Ljubljanica River and the pilot project of the recently opened experience and exhibition site in Vrhnika »The Ljubljanica River« to the local and general public.


We organised and promoted various events since our goal was also to encourage the use of archaeological heritage in the development of new tourism services.